What is in this Course?

In this first course, we will be going over the basics of cooking.

We will learn:

What Materials You Will Need

How to Hold and Sharpen a Knife

How to Make Soups

How to Butcher

What are Spices and Herbs

Cooking Terminology and Practices

Introduction to Salad Dressings and Emulsifications

How to Fix a Split Dressing.

The Basics to cooking Meat

How Many Ways to Cook an Egg

And Much More!

I would like to thank you for all the knowledge that I have learned from you. Your course has been a fantastic lesson for me to be able to know the kitchen basics that I needed it so much. The way you show and explain is absolutely clear and understanding. That was absolutely worth it since I feel now completely capable of cooking whatever, I don't feel a stranger in my own kitchen any more!

Thank you again for making me discover a passion that has been hidden for so long!!!! 

- Tikia

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From America to Europe

I have traveled a lot with my time as a Chef and I have learned many techniques along the way. which I am happy to share with you in this course and also on my YouTube channel!